Sherpa Fleece Zip-Up

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Introducing the Blue-MICCHU-Boy-Sherpa - an absolute must for keeping your boy cozied and cuddled in the chillier months! Its plush fabric interior guarantees optimum warmth, while its delightful design will have 'em looking as cute as a button! Look for Little Brother Matching Jacket!

100% Polyester

What is Sherpa? Sherpa fabric gets its name from a group of Tibetan people who inhabit mountains in Nepal. Due to the cold temperatures, the Sherpa often dress in warm, wool-lined clothing. 

But the Sherpa use real sheepskin - most Sherpa fabric in kids clothing does not. It's generally made of synthetic yarns and features two sides: a soft, piled-up wooly side and a smooth, flat, knitted side.

It is SUPER cosy and warm and fuzzy and should be in every little lads wardrobe!

Perfect for layering when it gets chilly - but just a note...although it is fabulous, it is NOT waterproof. 

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