10 years ago, a mom went looking for kid waders and toddler rain gear for her TWIN boys. She had always held a deep connection with the outdoors and wanted to share this love with her children. In order to truly enjoy the outdoors, it takes great gear. Unfortunately, She couldn’t find durable or affordable outdoor gear for her young kids!

Thus Oakiwear was born.

Oakiwear philosophy is “if we truly wish to get kids active again, we need to provide them with the right gear at an affordable price to open the door to new possibilities in outdoor exploration.”

At Oakiwear, we are in the trenches (literally) that our kids dig, and we want them to keep doing just that. We believe in being outdoors, whether in your own backyard, hiking, boating, or just wading through streams looking for frogs.

These activities nurture creativity, a love for nature and life, and a true sense of freedom. Kids who spend time outside focus better, sleep better, and are just happier. We also realize being outside can be a lot of work for parents: Changing clothes and shoes, extra baths, and extra scrapes and bonks to tend to. But the right equipment can make a huge difference in their experience.

We have spent the past few years perfecting our kids & toddler rain gear. Our kids rain suit have become our most popular product all across the country, with our kid size waders coming in a close second. With the addition on our Neoprene Boots, we have become a “head-to-toe” outdoor apparel brand for kids.

Oakiwear is not just a one and done shopping experience. We hope to become the lifestyle brand of your family.

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