Austin Tye Dye

These blankets are the original Austin Tie Dye Co. blankets! Each is hand dyed in Austin, TX and made with more love than we can tell you!


Austin Tie Dye Co. was the start of Self Assured, Inc. These are the same blankets that started out in Becca's garage and packaged in paper coffee bags. Over the years we have refined our style, tried a few things, and changed for the better. We still hand dye everything (there is only one way to tie dye... and that is with human hands), but now we use big batches of dye and package in cute hand dyed bags to match.


One of the cool aspects of these blankets is, since they are done by hand in Austin, we can usually tell you really interesting things that happen around our shop the time they are made. Each of these has a story just like you and whoever snuggles with it