It all began with baby steps.
When a baby arrives, it changes the world for the better. We smile more. We feel more optimistic. We're inspired and reminded of what's possible.

When Michael and Uli Belenky's first daughter Sofia arrived in 1989, the world of baby and children's clothing also changed for the better. Uli, a designer and art director, and Michael, a professional photographer, saw a gaping hole in the children's clothing options available at the time. A whole new sense of artistic purpose was born as they lovingly handcrafted a line of colorful baby clothes, which were as unique as their precious baby.

They recognized the need for simplicity combined with function, plus eye-catching designs that would reflect the unique spark of their baby. Uli set out to work on her own sewing machine, hand-stitching prototypes and designing a solution. One small batch of babyclothes later and Zutano was born.

The clothing line caught everyone by surprise and became an instant favorite in many New York City boutiques. Orders were hand-delivered by Michael himself from the seat of a bicycle. It didn't take long before the creative team outgrew their New York City brownstone space and began searching for a location to lay permanent roots. The calm, quiet countryside in New England beckoned; a place where a family, and a company, could grow strong and healthy on green hills and fresh air. In 1991, when their second daughter Ella was born, the Belenkys packed up Zutano and headed north to a hilltop farmhouse in Cabot, Vermont.

From the start, it was clear that Michael and Uli Belenky were building more than a company. They were building a community. They encouraged the first handful of employees to bring their babies to work. They planted seasonal vegetables in the community garden. And they treated every customer like family.

Zutano is still located in Vermont today, still creating products in the brightest colors with high-quality fabrics and in adorable patterns and animal prints that are designed to be mixed and matched. Their company embodies the whimsical and an enduring love for everything BABY.

All these elements combined have created a unique perspective, inspiring Zutano to create some of the most diverse and outstanding children's product on the market today that help new parents experience the joy that comes from finding clothes as unique as their baby.
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