Our secret ingredient is the Pima Cotton we use. Period. It’s the cornerstone of what we call a successful piece of wearable art for children. So, what is so special about Pima cotton? As it happens with chocolate and wine, there is a big quality range of cotton that you can find in this world. Pima is considered the best and the finest one, and it is praised for its unique softness and durability, as well as for its breathability and extreme comfort.

Pima is a type of cotton that is grown primarily in the Peruvian valleys. The growers don’t use any pesticides or synthetic fertilizers, which makes the material incredibly hypoallergenic. Due to the climate and soil conditions in the region, and the special artisanal harvesting techniques (seeds are harvested by hand, therefore fibers are kept intact), Pima is considered of the highest quality. Just for that reason, it is the idyllic material for Noomie’s line of accessories and clothes.

Exceptionally soft, allergen-free and 50% more durable than other cottons (not to mention that with every wash, the fabric keeps soft), Pima makes the coziest garments. It is also ideal for all babies, even those with Eczema and sensitive skin. The delicate yet durable fabric has a natural stretchiness, making it very comfortable to wear without being overly restrictive.

The use of Pima as the pillar material also contributes to our compromise to heal our planet by making responsible choices. In our factory, we don’t put chemicals into the cotton, and everything is achieved using natural resources. We are proud to be eco-friendly, and we will always prioritize the balance of our environment. Our kids deserve it!

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