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Wind Turbines 

The 2 wind turbines owned by the factory produce about 5.5 million kilowatts each, while the factory in total only uses about 4.5 million kilowatts a year. The excess 6.5 million kilowatts are used to power the nearby city.

Recycling Water With Reverse Osmosis

Our factory uses a process called reverse osmosis, which helps recycle 94% of the estimated 800,000 daily liters of water used during the fabric dying process.The dyed water is sent to a giant tank filled with lyme which is responsible for removing the color from the dyed water. The colored water is then sent to a tank with harmless bacteria that consumes all the dyed particles in the water. Then the water is sent to through a filter and to a collection tank to drain out the salt and bacteria. The excess salt from the water can be reused for fabric dying. From there the water is sent to a membrane tank for further filtering. 96% of the water is then clean and ready to be reused! The remaining 4% is sent to the evaporator for extracting the salt. We can retrieve half of that for reusable water. The balance of the highly concentrated water will go to the solar pan and with good sunlight conditions, the water will evaporate within 10 days and the factory is left with sand that is sent to a nearby cement factory.

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