Baby Swim Set w/Rash Guard Top

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  • It’s not easy keeping babies covered with sunscreen. Our rash guards are the ultimate backup to sunscreen with a UPF50+ rating, the highest possible, blocking 98% of harmful UV rays. Our rash guards with matching ZOO swim diapers and sun hats (with sunscreen on the exposed parts) will ensure your little one can crawl around in play grounds, beach, pool area, etc. without you having to worry, and look ZOO-dorable all day!
  • Make good choices and stay safe in the sun. UPF50+ clothing helps protect against sun, but sunscreen should be applied to any skin that is not covered by a sun protective garment. (face, ears, hands, feet, etc.)
  • Our Reusable Waterproof Swim Diapers are lined with comfortable, soft mesh liner, and has an adjustable waist, tied to ensure a snug but comfortable fit. Unlike regular diapers, our Swim Diapers are designed to contain solid waste, which is mandatory for public pool safety.
  • Paired with the Reusable Swim Diaper, our complementing Baby Sun Hats offer all day sun protection - a great way to enjoy the outdoors and have fun in the sun without worry.
  • Content: 100% Microfiber Polyester
    Care: Machine Wash Cold, Do Not Tumble Dry, Do not Iron.

    To get maximum usage from all garments, please read and follow all washing and care instructions. Made to be worn and washed, and even passed down to younger siblings or friends and family, without weakening or showing signs of wear.

  • Age 3-6M: 21-27” (53-68cm) | 11-15lbs (5-7kgs) | 9” (24cm) Chest 
    - Body Length: 11.5” (29cm)
    - Sleeve Length (from center back neck to sleeve hem): 12.5” (31cm)
    Age 6-12M: 27-31” (68-78cm) | 15-22lbs (7-10kgs) | 9” (24cm) Chest 
    - Body Length: 12.5” (31cm)
    - Sleeve Length (from center back neck to sleeve hem): 13” (33cm)
    Age 12-24M: 31-37” (78-94cm)cm) | 22-30lbs (10-13kgs) | 9” (24cm) Chest 
    - Body Length: 13.5” (34cm)
    - Sleeve Length (from center back neck to sleeve hem): 13” (33cm)


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